10th Anniversary Showcase

Invicta X is the 3-item showcase to celebrate and commemorate 10 years of dance passion, energy and belief! It is a reflection of the company’s body of work over the years.

#1 SALSA – Boss Tres Bien

The first item is a traditional salsa piece with a bossa nova and house twist. We go back to the company’s beginnings and roots in Salsa and Street-Latin dances, our first love that brought the team together.

The choreo is a straight-up dance item, all about the addictive Latin rhythms that captures our body and soul and liberates us on the dance floor.



The second item is a Contemporary Salsa piece. It is reflective of the company’s Jazz and Contemporary influences, and our journey to explore and create works of Afro-Latin Jazz and Contemporary fusion.

The choreo allows us to explore lyrical movements. It challenges individuals to express and share themselves expansively in movement.

Performed to Adele’s “Hello”.



The third and finale item is a fusion afro-caribbean-jazz-contemporary shines piece. The creation of the company can be traced back to a shines item that 3 team members decided to put together (even before we came up with the name Grupo Invicta). Over the years, regardless of what dance influences and styles were being explored, the company always found time to come together to jam to shines.

The choreography “All of Me” (performed to the Piano Guys’ “All of Me”) is about the dance journey of our team. The dance opens with the awakening of the body and soul, akin to the birth of our company. It moves through a blend of latin, afro-caribbean, contemporary and jazz dance styles that reflect our company’s dance performance experience and influences.

It culminates in a final bow when we have given all of each of us and left everything on the performance stage, our unconquerable passion, our unconquerable energy, our unconquerable belief. Becoming and being Invicta.


On this 10th anniversary celebration, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the blessings we have received.